This professional-strength, advanced lash serum strengthens and revitalizes lashes for show-stopping, camera-ready results.

This professional-strength, advanced brow serum utilizes five powerful peptides to enhance the look of sparse, over-plucked, undernourished, or aging brows.

This professional strength, advanced lash conditioner is infused with potent peptides, nourishing botanicals, and beneficial vitamins to drench lashes in healthy hydration, provide protection from daily elements, and amplify the appearance of lash volume, length and definition.

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These newly formulated products, built upon years of experiences, will bring visible joy to your eyes as your lashes and brows achieve those looks you have only dreamt of.


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This Purifying Gel Hand Sanitizer by Promaxyl™ Professional Skin Solutions helps reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. It distributes easily and its purifying gel helps soften and hydrate the skin.

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